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in ​Queen Creek, Arizona

Cluff Country Aussies

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Cluff Country Aussies!

First Things First... WE HAVE PUPPIES!Click Here to check them out! 

Second...and this is hard to announce...

All chapters and books eventually have to come to an end... I guess... 

After an incredible amount of thought and discussion, we have come to a decision that is time to close this chapter of our lives. Our great lines and lineage will continue is other ways and through other top notch breeders that have purchased our females. Haze will remain with us and still be available as stud to approved females, but as it stands right now, this will be our last litter for a few years... Get 'em while you can! Thank you so much to all our our loyal followers and puppy owners. You made this a wonderful chapter in our lives! 

-Colten and Lynsey Cluff

Cluff Country Aussies

Colten and Lynsey Cluff

Queen Creek, AZ


About Us

We are Hobby Breeders of Full Size Autralian Shepherds in the great town of Queen Creek, Arizona. We take pride in wanting to provide you with some of the best dogs in the world! We have a rhyme and a reason to every litter we produce. We strive to produce dogs that are healthy, intelligent, biddable, loyal and of course beautiful. Our Lines come from some of the best work and show foundation kennels out there, including Hall of Fame Kennel Fair Oaks, Crown Point,  Levi Country, Diamond Oaks and Soundtrack to name a few. Our Pups are AKC and/or ASCA registered.

We want to provide you with a dog that can do anything. We don't want anything less for our own dogs, so why would we expect you to? Our dogs are first and foremost amazing family dogs and companions.  Our pups will be great for anything you ask of them. Anything from herding, to agility, to obedience to a wonderful companion. You asked for it, and we're striving to provide it!

Please feel free to contact us by email or phone at any time. We would love to talk to you about our dogs and what we do. This is our way of life, and we would love to let you experience it with us!